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Hotline changes
The hotline numbers published in this document may be changed according to changes in the telecommunications network or other objective factors. Please refer to the latest consultation telephone number published on the ULIROBOTS website.
Warranty commitment
During the use process, due to virus infection, the product in the operating system is damaged, ULIROBOTS does not provide free three guarantees service.
Warranty commitment conditions
The above warranty commitments made by ULIROBOTS are only applicable to the parts and accessories that are standard in the ULIROBOTS products when they leave the factory (see the packing list, except for hard drives).
When you buy a product, the seller installs parts or accessories that are not ULIROBOTS, which are guaranteed by the seller. ULIRPBTS will not be liable for any additional commitments made by the seller to you. The seller asks for a written certificate to guarantee the seller ’s fulfillment of your extra commitment.
Provide free and paid services
ULIROBOTS will provide you with the specified warranty services within the scope of this standard service commitment. If you have other service needs that exceed this standard warranty service commitment, please select the paid service of ULIROBOTS service outlets and authorized maintenance agencies.
Provide after-sales service according to law
If the national laws and regulations have other provisions on after-sales service, ULIROBOTS will provide you with after-sales service in accordance with national laws and regulations; for the losses caused to you by the failure that can be blamed on ULIROBOTS according to law, ULIROBOTS or ULIROBOTS sellers will be based on Contract and relevant national laws and regulations bear corresponding responsibilities.
Please keep the invoice and warranty certificate
Purchase invoice, warranty certificate and packing list are important certificates for your service, please keep it properly. When providing warranty services to you at ULIROBOTS service outlets and authorized maintenance organizations, please be sure to present the relevant certificates.
Notes on repair parts
The complete machine and its components that have been repaired by ULIROBOTS service outlets and authorized maintenance organizations will continue to enjoy the service commitment of this standard. If the repaired part is less than three months from the end of the free warranty period from the date of repair, ULIROBOTS promises to extend the free warranty service period of the part to three months from the date of repair. At that time, please provide effective maintenance records.
Information backup reminder
During your daily use, or before each service, please be sure to back up the information you think is important in time to avoid loss. ULIROBOTS is not responsible for compensation for any loss caused by data loss during use or maintenance.
After repair, ULIROBOTS enjoys ownership of faulty parts
During the free warranty period, after the ULIROBOTS service outlets and authorized maintenance organizations replace the entire machine or defective parts for you, the original machine or defective parts ULIROBOTS service outlets and authorized maintenance organizations will withdraw and enjoy ownership.
Shipping reminder
Before sending, please pack it properly, pay attention to shock, carefully choose the shipping method and the carrier and purchase transportation insurance, ULIROBOTS will not be responsible for any loss caused by you during the delivery process.
Special reminder
This commitment only applies to ULIROBOTS products within the territory of the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan).
The provisions not specified in this commitment shall be implemented in accordance with the "Three Guarantees Regulations" and the relevant consumer rights protection laws.
This commitment is explained by the ULIROBOTS customer service department, and ULIROBOTS has the right to change and revise this commitment.
Subject to the "Three Guarantees", ULIROBOTS reserves the final interpretation of this commitment.
This commitment will be implemented from the date of publication.