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一、Product after-sales service commitment and related instructions
1.For the after-sales service of products within the prescribed warranty period, the company is responsible for the quality of manufacturing and installation. The company is responsible for free repair or return.
2.Our company provides free maintenance time for 1 year after delivery, during this period, our company is responsible for on-site maintenance and commissioning due to equipment quality problems. The maintenance cost and the replacement cost of unqualified parts will be borne by our company. If other losses are caused, we will bear it independently.
3.After the goods are delivered for use, our company will track the products. The Marketing Department has specially set up customer file cards and complaint telephones to better provide satisfactory services to customers. Our company sends professional maintenance service personnel to the users for return visits in summer and winter every year and assists users in product overhaul and maintenance. If the product has quality problems, after receiving any notification from the user, we will rush to the site within 8 hours and within 24 hours of the province and start work immediately, or repair or replace the product for free, depending on the specific situation So far as user requirements are met. In addition, our company also has offices in major cities and can reach the scene in the fastest time.
4.Due to improper use of the customer and other reasons for product damage, the salesperson of the marketing company signs a maintenance contract with the customer. According to the maintenance contract, the technical maintenance team is responsible for completing the maintenance task as scheduled.
5.In addition to after-sales service during the warranty period, the company is also responsible for equipment maintenance after the warranty period, but its after-sales service costs are borne by the purchaser.
二、After-sales service implementation plan (details)
1.Product after-sales service work procedures
(1)The work of the company on the adjustment and acceptance of the product after delivery and the service during the operation process until the product is qualified and approved by the buyer is the after-sales service of the product.
(2)According to the customer's requirements, the after-sales service department inquires about the quality problems and customer requirements to fill out the "after-sales service work contact form", and sends technical maintenance personnel to the scene to understand the situation if necessary.
(3)The after-sales service department reasonably dispatches after-sales service personnel to the customer site according to the maintenance plan and depending on the workload.
(4)After the after-sales service personnel arrive at the customer's site, please request the technical personnel to confirm the maintenance plan. If there is any objection, the production technology department organizes the relevant departments to coordinate and resolve.
(5)During on-site service, after-sales service personnel organize and implement according to the plan confirmed by both parties. After the service is over, the requesting party is asked to accept and approve the service item and sign an opinion on the "After-sales Service Contact Form". After-sales service personnel should take the initiative to ask the demand side for specific requirements or improvement opinions on our company's product quality and service quality.
2.After-sales service content includes product installation and commissioning, equipment operation and maintenance personnel guidance and training, and maintenance work involving product quality issues or installation quality issues during the warranty period.
3.Major project service regulations
(1)Set up a project office, directly under the command of the vice president of technology and production, not only responsible for the contact and coordination of the entire process of contract execution, but also escort the product operation process from product installation and commissioning to the warranty period (usually one year after the equipment is put into operation) To ensure that the product performance meets user requirements.
(2)Set up an after-sales service contact point near the user unit, equipped with qualified and experienced after-sales service personnel to be responsible for the operation, maintenance and maintenance training before product operation, and provide a maintenance plan during the warranty period.
(3)Carry out regular free maintenance on the products within the warranty period, and at the same time carefully check and record the operation of the products.
(4)Depending on the operation of the product, staff may be assigned to provide continuous follow-up service for 90 days (from the date the product is put into operation) until the product is normally put into operation.
4.Product quality work requirements
(1)The after-sales service department understands the product operation and customer requirements, opinions and suggestions in the form of letters and visits every year, and feeds back relevant information to the relevant functional departments of the company.
(2)For major engineering projects and key customers, if necessary, the after-sales service department will send a person to conduct a visit, record the information, opinions and improvement requirements obtained during the visit, and write a "visit report" to the office and copy Relevant functional departments to facilitate the continuous improvement and improvement of product quality.