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SMT workshop electrostatic protection method
timeRelease Time:2020-08-06 17:03
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MT production line is also called surface mount technology (SurfaceMountTechnology for short SMT) is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed from hybrid integrated circuit technology, and is the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. Since electronic components are very sensitive to static electricity, electrical surges, mechanical stress, and thermal stress, it is essential to protect against static electricity in the SMT workshop .
SMT workshop
The core of electrostatic protection in SMT workshops is " static elimination ", which refers to keeping static electricity to a minimum as much as possible to ensure that it cannot cause damage and destruction to electronic components. The suitable range of static control houses is mainly from the following aspects:

1. Grounding
Grounding is the place where electric charge may accumulate in the factory, such as equipment, workbench, etc. The principle of connecting the earth with a wire is the same as that of a lightning rod. As for why it is connected to the ground, it is because the ground is an object with very low resistance and a very large capacitance. It has the ability to absorb infinite charge, and it can maintain the potential unchanged after absorbing a large amount of charge.

2. Control the humidity in the SMT workshop
Static electricity is prone to occur in dry and windy autumn and winter, while static electricity is relatively less in rainy spring and summer. In response to this phenomenon, ULi ESD has studied humidity for static electricity and concluded that when the environmental temperature is relatively high, static electricity If it happens, it will decrease. Therefore, in the SMT workshop, air conditioning and other equipment are used to control the humidity of the environment. A certain amount of static electricity can be controlled.
3. Use anti-static materials
So-called electrostatic conductors with a surface resistance of 1×105Ω or less and electrostatic subconductors with a surface resistance of 1×105 to 1×108Ω are used. For example, when conductive carbon black is mixed into rubber, its surface resistance can be controlled below 1×106Ω, which is a commonly used electrostatic protection material.

4. Wear uniform anti-static work clothes
The generation of static electricity is the transfer and accumulation of electric charges, and the transfer of electric charges between different substances is more likely to occur. Wearing a uniform electrostatic work clothes is convenient for the overall electrostatic protection of the SMT workshop.

5. Wear an electrostatic ring
When working in the SMT workshop, you often touch the components. At this time, the static electricity on your body can easily cause damage to the components. Therefore, employees are often required to wear electrostatic rings in the SMT chip processing plant.

6. Use ion blower
Use ion blower. The ion fan can generate positive and negative ions to neutralize the static electricity of the static power source, and is used in places where the static electricity cannot be discharged by grounding.