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ESD intelligent monitoring system
timeRelease Time:2019-04-08 17:18
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ESD electrostatic protection system is composed of traditional electrostatic protection plus software,Its components are anti-static clothes such as anti-static clothes and anti-static shoes, static grounding of workbenches and equipment, electrostatic testing of ion fans and monitors, computer software and networks.Among them, the network serves as a link, connecting static hardware, static detection equipment with computers and other equipment.
Under the control of the system software, real-time monitoring, data storage, analysis, and dynamic display functions are realized in real sense, which solves the long-term difficulties in static monitoring and data collection and recording in enterprises, and can be customized according to customer needs Development, to truly increase production capacity, improve efficiency, fully automatic, unmanned electrostatic monitoring.Our anti-static control system experts will work with you to determine the specific system functions you need to help you design a system that meets these needs, whether now or in the future, you can meet your needs according to your business changes.